Piccadilly Pirate: AKA: Paul A Sparrow, in his real life is a ‘Serial Inventor’ with over 30 years of innovation under his belt. And over the years he has had several of his projects stolen, citing his biggest issue as gaining access to the funding needed to bring his projects to life in a timely fashion, leaving him with little choice but to reach out to third parties in the fields of his innovations to seek partnerships and collaborations as an alternative, and in doing so, he fell pray to the curse of plagiarism. And in this time-frame he has also met with many other Inventors that have similar experiences. – To help combat this issue, Paul created BizKit-Tin, a new Inventor Driven Crowdfunding Platform with it’s own internal fully independent Core Innovation Fund.

The biggest issue next to the lack of funding sources for the creative community is the issue of ‘Parasite Culture’ in the forms of ‘Commercial Piracy’ and ‘IP Rape’ (Illegal Possession and Redistribution of Artistic and Proprietary Entities.), where Inventors are often turned away when approaching others for help, with a “Thanks but No Thanks” response, only to see their ideas taken to market sometime later by those that had rejected them.

But modifying and building upon someone else’s work, and even if making changes, is still ‘Plagiarism’, as none of those developments would have or could have come into existence without the original works laying their foundations. So it does not mean they have created a new and original work, they have simply developed on an existing work, itself known as ‘Prior Art’. Also, the original creator should have been retained as part of that ongoing development team, unless they chose to sell out or not to be included.

These practices need to be exposed, and the public should be made aware.


The unauthorised use of another’s ideas, concepts, or art. Or the malicious obstruction of projects, aiming to force their patents into collapse. It undermines the very spirit of ingenuity that drives human progress. It stifles innovation by discouraging creators from sharing their work, fearing that their ideas will be unjustly exploited or even blocked by those out to hijack their IP. We recognize the urgent need to combat this culture and to establish an ecosystem where creativity thrives without fear of abuse.

Victims of IP Rape are often left unable to take legal action to get their rights back or even have the theft legally acknowledged, because of the structure of the legal system.

  1. IP Theft is a ‘Civil’ Offence, so does not qualify for Legal Aid.
  2. The ‘Double Jeopardy’ Laws.
  3. The ‘Statue of Limitations’ time-frame.
  4. The ‘Press’ refuse to tell these stories due to the accused ‘Presumption of Innocence’. The flip-side of which presumes the victim is ‘Presumed to be Lying’, and also condemns them to extended periods of suffering.

These three issues combined often make it impossible for victims to fight back.

  1. The victim cannot obtain ‘Legal Aid’ for a ‘Civil Offence’ and so must fund the case entirely by themselves.
  2. If the victim was left financially challenged by the theft of the IP, and so cannot afford to fund a case through it’s entirety to conclusion, there is no pause button, they cannot pause the case to go raise more funds. So, if the case is halted, it is essentially dropped, and so it becomes a ‘Default Win’ for the accused. Even if the victim then won millions on the lottery, they still couldn’t re-try the accused, as the accused ‘Cannot be tried for the same offence twice!’.
  3. Victims often cannot raise the kind of funds required to take a legal action within the available time-frame designated by the ‘Statue of Limitations’.
  4. The ‘Press’, being the only avenue left open to the victims in the hope of exposing their perpetrators, then totally discard their investigatory obligations and capabilities, citing the accused ‘Presumption of Innocence’ as to why they cannot expose the theft, and say they can only tell the story when it is filed in a Court of Law, which often cannot happen due to the reasons laid out above. Essentially the ‘Press’ itself is either intentionally or unwittingly enabling plagiarism and helping these crooks get away with it under a shroud of anonymity and obscurity, simply by refusing to ‘Out’ them. Allowing them to reap their rewards and bathe in the wealth, adulation, accolades, and respect society bestows upon them for their presumed creations, whilst their victims remain gagged, broke, outcast and destroyed, and left unable to fight back, and in so doing, the Press itself is guilty of inflicting further pain and suffering upon them!
Paul has also set up some Petitions to help overcome some of these issues:


Paul A Sparrow, a Serial Inventor with over 30 years of innovation under his belt, created the Piccadilly Pirate character as a means to protest ‘Commercial Piracy’ and what he coined as ‘IP Rape’, in the hope that it will finally get the press to shine a light upon the issue. He has been reaching out to the press for almost 15 years about this issue, but they refuse to engage, and in doing so, they enable this malicious activity to run rife and unabated.

Victims of IP RAPE are continually being robbed blind and all whilst being gagged and ignored by the complete lack of interest and coverage from the Press.